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The Dragon Fruit - Premier Private Snorkeling, Scuba Diving in Fajardo Puerto Rico

Simpatico Charters, founded in July 2021, is the realization of long-held dreams by Captain Michael Scott Walker& his 1st mate, Ruthie Hill.   Captain Scotty has been in Puerto Rico for over 30 years with tremendous experience in our waters as a world record holding sport fishing Captain out of Club Nautico in San Juan and has spent the last 10 years on the Eastern coast with a scuba and snorkeling adventure organization.  He is one of our region’s most experienced and conscientious Captains and is often an encyclopedia of information about all kinds of things Puerto Rico, our waterways and life, in general.

You’ll find his 1st mate and partner Ruthie delightful.

She is a certified swimming instructor, lifeguard, water rescue emergency first responder and a PADI SCUBA instructor. 

She is an avid scuba diver turned professional after 10 years as a restauranteur in Florida.  Ruthie grew up in New Orleans and Destin, the daughter of an avid fisherman and she feels more at home in the water than on land.  Her mermaid theme has been a long constant in her life, long before their current popular status.

Both Scotty and Ruthie are absolutely passionate about their privilege of showing off some of the region’s most beautiful  reefs, learning about all of the amazing tropical fish, sea turtles, rays, and gorgeous corals and flora.   They are both genuinely personable, absolutely committed to your safety, delivering a joyful experience & cooking up some of the finest boat charter food you can imagine. 

Why Simpatico Charters

I doubt you’ll meet any two people more interested in your happiness than Scott & Ruthie.  Scott’s longstanding charter background and Ruthie’s extensive hospitality experience lends their approach to charter really something special.  Not only are they interested in delivering a fantastic experience, they are committed to really helping you to create one of the best memories ever for you and your loved ones.   

The Captain’s USCG license, has been held in good standing for over 30 years.  Ruthie is a gifted swimming and snorkeling teacher and certified PADI SCUBA Instructor.  She really enjoys and specializes in working with those who have anxiety about being in the water, doing first time experiences and overcoming anxiety.  She has had particular success, even with people who have never put their faces in the water.  “It’s honestly one of the favorite things I get to do,” says Ruthie.  “Sharing the incredible beauty of life under the water’s surface and watching people overcome long held anxieties and seeing their faces full of pride, awe and joy are tremendous rewards for me.” 

What’s in a Name? “Simpatico Charters” and the “Dragon Fruit”

These are particularly special names for both Scott and Ruthie.  

The company name, Simpatico, is how they describe their relationship.  A form of synergistic energies.  A definition they found struck home, “the two obviously have a simpatico relationship and their working methods, however different they might be individually, complement one another in a seemingly natural manner.”  

As they were considering naming the new business they realized that was a core value they share with their current guests at the scuba adventure company where they have been employed.  They are always searching to add value to a trip or to guest experiences.  They are thrilled to be a part of helping people’s vacation and water adventure dreams come true. 

And what about the Dragon Fruit???  Oh my – what a fun name!   Ruthie & Scott began cooking and exploring their way through the produce aisle at local Puerto Rican grocery stores and last summer they discovered and fell in love with dragon fruit.  While brainstorming on what to name their beloved new vessel, the name that kept popping up was Dragon Fruit.  So, they chose a super fun theme and paint scheme and worked tirelessly to restore their 32 foot sport fishing boat into the most fun charter boat we’ve ever seen!

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