Simpatico Charters - on the Dragon Fruit

Why Consider a Small Private Charter

It’s a great question.  So, first let’s look at the rates of chartering the Dragon Fruit.  We charge a base rate of $150 per hour for up to 6 guests.   So, if you have 6 passengers that averages out to $100 each.  Even if you only have 4 in your group, that’s $150 per person.  WOW what a bargain!  

What do you get?   Amazing communication and excellent customer service.  You are our guests, our only guests so we are 100% focused on your family and friends, who needs extra assistance, who has special dietary needs?  We provide all snorkeling gear, GREAT quality stuff.  We fit each person individually, provide instruction and have a professional DiveMaster and Certified Emergency Responder IN THE WATER with you at all times.   

We serve a wide variety of soft drinks, bottled water, beer and even our signature cocktail on the way back to the marina.  We also serve amazing food.  So many people have told us it was the best meal of their trip.  We really work hard to deliver service that’s way above & beyond the larger companies.   

We help you coordinate transportation if needed and give personal recommendations on other tours, restaurants, places to stay.  I can honestly say that we make new friends each day aboard the Dragon Fruit, and they are relationships I hope will last a lifetime.

Join us on the Dragon Fruit and I bet you’ll never go on a large “cattle” type boat again.  

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