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Gratitude Abundant

Well, it’s been about 3 weeks since we left our full time jobs with a local scuba/snorkeling charter company and went out on our own.  It’s been exhausting, exhilarating, busy, hectic trying to create systems and move through the learning curve of really getting to know our boat, her capabilities, what’s working, what needs work, where we need fine tuning…. it’s been an important time for both the Captain and I.  

We have been blessed with the MOST AMAZING charter guests.  OMG.  The families on board are such a blessing.  I have been missing my kids and grandkids back on the mainland.  The Captain never had kids, but as I often say…the world would be a better place if he had.   So these hours are so precious to us.  One little girl lost her tooth while snorkeling with the Captain.  I was scuba diving with her parents.  She was very concerned about the Tooth Fairy knowing to visit since her tooth was lost in the sea.  The Captain told her that the magic mermaid would let the Tooth Fairy know all about it and that he was convinced she would, in fact, get her just reward from the Tooth Fairy.   My heart exploded the next morning when her Dad sent me a picture of her, the $5 bill left under her pillow and, of course, a seashell which must have come from the mermaid.  Our hearts swell.

We have had a proposal on board.  What a huge honor for us to have an opportunity to be a part of their memories, not of just a boat charter, but of the magic of sharing the “she said yes” moments with them.  Wow.  

We have had single Dad’s with their kids doing their very best to honor their kids the best way they know.  The wisdom shared has been meaningful and profound.

Two honeymooning couples came together to share a sunset snorkel and we got to see them forge a new friendship and share their journeys of dating, pandemic courtship, weddings and finally the honeymoon!

We have had farmers and engineers and power plant owners, Dollar General store managers, and nurses and graphic designers.  We have had people from every conceivable walk of life literally grace our boat.  Each of them leaves behind a special blessing, an energy if that doesn’t sound too hoakie.  We thought the Dragon Fruit was so special before she was in business full time.  But, we were really short sighted.  With each day, and each family we feel more connected to our boat, to our guests, to each other even.  Our contemporaries initially hemmed and hawed about the time and effort we put into each meal…  but there is Grace in breaking bread.   Certain magic is shared around a dinner table, or a boat engine cover in our case.  And, by the Grace of God, we have a wonderful front row seat watching each group share with each other.  

So, thank you to those who have come.  And we are excited to meet you who will become part of our journey.   And…. Oscar.  Thank you to Oscar.  More to come on him… a whole lot more.  But, damn… what a fellow.  

Thank you for helping to make our dreams come true.  

Much Love,

Ruthie & Captain Scotty

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